Your Dues: Frequently Asked Questions

June 1st, 2009 — General

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1. Can I arrange automatic payment of my dues from my bank account?
Yes. Please call LaFontaine Management Services, (707) 575-5171 for assistance.

2. May I pay my dues quarterly, biannually or annually?

3. May I pay with a credit card?
The FRMA is not set up to accept direct credit card payment.

4. My Fountaingrove house is a rental property. Can I arrange to have the renter make the dues payments to FRMA?
That agreement would be between you and your tenant. Your account number should be reflected on your check.

5. Are HOA dues payments deductible expenses for income tax purposes?
Please refer this question to your CPA or Tax Attorney. The FRMA cannot offer legal or tax advice.

6. What happens if dues are not paid?
The FRMA board takes steps to maintain each dues account in good standing. For a dues account that is seriously in arrears, where the homeowner is not responsive, the FRMA adheres to the delinquent and collection policy. Your account will be turned over to a collection agency that the Association has currently contracted with. ========

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