DUMPING is Not Permitted

January 16th, 2011 — Security

AS A REMINDER….PLEASE DO NOT dump yard waste or anything else at FRMA open spaces or elsewhere especially as we enter the fire season. Dumping is also illegal and could result in a stiff fine.

Anyone witnessing dumping is encouraged to get vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers. This information should be reported to the police.

Homeowners should clearly instruct their landscape maintainers (the mow-blow-go guys) that yard waste must not be dumped. It creates a fire hazard. Members pay for the problem when FRMA authorizes cleanup expenses.

Yard waste should be placed in the large brown container provided to homeowners, and this may be placed at the curbside every week. For larger quantities, the waste should be hauled to an appropriate facility, such as the county land fill or to green recyclers like “Grab & Grow,” 2759 Llano Rd., Santa Rosa (707-575-7275).